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Savvy Executives Still Prefer Corporate Housing vs. Airbnb. Here's Why:

If you're looking to rent a furnished apartment for work travel, you may be wondering which is better: a corporate rental or Airbnb. While both can provide a temporary home away from home, there are several reasons why corporate rentals may be the better choice:

  1. Professional Management: Corporate rentals are managed by professional property management companies, which means you can usually expect a higher level of service and support. If you have any issues with the apartment or need assistance, you can contact the company and they will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Airbnb rentals, on the other hand, are often managed by an individual owner, which can lead to inconsistency in service if you have any problems.

  2. Consistency: When you rent from a corporate housing company, you typically know what to expect in terms of quality, amenities, cleanliness, and more. They have actual systems and processes in place to make sure the guest experience is consistent and positive. Airbnb rentals, in contrast, are often managed by individual hosts and can vary greatly in terms of the amenities and condition of the property.

  3. Flexibility: Corporate rentals often offer flexible month-to-month lease terms, which give you the freedom to stay as long as needed without any long-term commitments. They often make it easy to shorten or extend your stay depending on your needs. This can be particularly useful if you are relocating for work and need a temporary place to stay while you search for a permanent residence. In contrast, Airbnb rentals require you to commit to your entire stay upfront. Otherwise, you risk another guest booking future dates that you might end up needing. Airbnb also has a very strict cancellation policy for stays of 30+ nights, which may not be suitable for those who need a more flexible, short-term arrangement.

  4. Comfort: Airbnb's are usually designed with short-term stays in mind. As a result, they often lack some of the features that are essential for a comfortable home away from home. Corporate apartments, on the other hand, are intentionally designed with long stays in mind. They tend to include washers and dryers, generous amounts of kitchenware, comfortable beds, dressers and large closets for clothing, etc. As a result, they often make for a more comfortable and convenient home away from home. Corporate rentals are also more likely to include access to extra amenities and services, such as a community fitness center and pool, which can make a longer stay more enjoyable.

Overall, corporate rentals tend to offer a higher level of professionalism, consistency, flexibility, and comfort compared to the typical Airbnb. While both options can be suitable for temporary stays, corporate rentals are often a better choice for discerning guests. If you're wondering where to start with finding a corporate rental, we actually have dozens of beautiful options in the Columbus area - all fully furnished and available for short-term rental. Contact us today for rates and availability!

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