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Why Corporate Apartments Are Perfect For Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, finding a comfortable and flexible place to live during your assignment can be a challenge. While hotels may seem like a convenient option, they can quickly become cramped and expensive. And vacation rentals? Well, they work - but they aren't exactly consistent or predictable. That's why an increasing number of travel nurses are trying corporate apartments as a creative solution.

One of the main benefits of corporate housing apartments is the comfort and space they provide. Unlike a hotel room, which is designed for short stays and may only have a small bedroom and bathroom, corporate housing offers a full kitchen, living room, and separate bedroom (at the very least) - which provides plenty of space to relax and unwind. Some companies even include thoughtful design features that cater specifically to travel nurses (blackout curtains, for example). This is particularly important for travel nurses who crave a place that feels like home after a long shift, and often stay for several months at a time.

Another advantage of corporate housing apartments is the flexibility of lease terms. While other temporary housing options like Airbnb require guests to commit to the entire stay upfront or risk losing the apartment to other bookings, top corporate housing companies give travel nurses the flexibility to "pay as you go" without any long-term commitment. Travel nurses place a high value on these kinds of flexibility since it's common for assignments to be extended last-minute (or even shortened in some cases).

In addition to comfort and flexibility, corporate housing also offers a sense of community. Many corporate apartments are located within communities with luxury amenities such as fitness centers, pools, and social areas - providing opportunities to meet new people and make connections while on assignment.

Overall, corporate housing apartments are an ideal option for travel nurses looking for a comfortable and convenient place to live during their assignments. With spacious apartments, flexible short-term leases, and luxurious community amenities, corporate housing can often be the perfect home away from home.

Are you looking for travel nursing housing in Columbus, Ohio? If so, send us a message! We have dozens of beautiful furnished apartments near local hospitals. Finding temporary housing doesn't have to be stressful. Contact us now for rates and availability.

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